5 AI Tools To Help You Rock 2024

As we usher in the new year we are thinking about all the events, activities, and pursuits we can look forward to. But let’s also be honest. We are also thinking about all the stress we will be dealing with in 2024. Yes,  it is wonderful to start a new year but it is a lot! Clean slate, schmean blate. Somehow the calendar is already fully booked through March and you have no idea what you’ll be wearing, what the best workout of the year will be and what mental health practices you should be doing. And though you can probably girl-math your way out of a few stressful shopping justifications and then eat your girl dinner (which is essentially just a cheese plate), we could all use a little help. You may still be on the fence about AI, but when you hear about how these AI-based tools can help make your everyday life so much easier, you will change your mind. So grab your dinner/giant bag of popcorn and sit back and download these tools. 

Become an organization machine with Jarvis and a few others

Jarvis: Imagine a personal assistant that anticipates your needs, automates tedious tasks, and even sparks creativity. This AI ecosystem seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and learns your preferences over time. Think scheduling appointments, booking travel, managing finances, and even generating personalized workout routines – all with a simple voice command or chat message. Jarvis is still under development, but the beta version is already shaking things up.

If you want to go even further, try these: 

Get Your Mental Health in Check

Replika: Your AI Therapist:  In APA’s October 2023 Stress in America survey, which included over 3,000 adults, women reported a higher average level of stress than men (5.3 versus 4.8 out of 10) and were more likely to rate their stress levels between an 8 and a 10 than men (27% versus 21%). So make 2024 the year you finally start therapy and why not do it with AI? Mental well-being is just as important as physical health, and Replika is here to help. This AI companion acts as a supportive listener, offering non-judgmental conversations and personalized exercises to manage stress, anxiety, and even depression. Replika can even learn your personality and tailor its responses to your unique needs. Think of it as a friendly therapist who's always in your pocket, ready to lend an ear whenever you need it.

If you want to go even further try these:

Never Have a Fashion Crisis Again

Style DNA: You know these days where you say you have nothing to wear and you end up having a small existential crisis in front of your closet which results in you either going on a shopping rampage or throwing out half your closet. Well, those days are over with StyleDNA. It uses a combination of AI and human stylists to create a personalized style profile based on your body type, color preferences, and lifestyle. The app then recommends clothes, shoes, and accessories that match your unique style. No more closet meltdowns – just instant outfit inspiration, delivered straight to your phone. You literally will be living out your Cher in Clueless closet dreams!

Turn Your Texts into Works of Art

 Dream by WOMBO: AI Art Generator: Unleash your inner artist with Dream by WOMBO, an AI tool that transforms your text prompts into stunning works of art. Simply type in a few words or phrases, like "starry night underwater" or "dancing robots in a neon city," and Dream by WOMBO will paint your vision to life using a variety of artistic styles. It's like having a personal Van Gogh in your pocket, ready to create masterpieces on demand.

Never Have Writer’s Block 

ShortlyAI: AI-powered Writing Assistant: Whether you're a writer facing writer's block or a busy professional juggling emails, ShortlyAI can be your secret weapon. This AI writing assistant can generate different kinds of creative text formats, from blog posts and articles to poems and scripts. Just give ShortlyAI a topic or starting sentence, and it will craft original, engaging content in seconds. Say goodbye to staring at a blank page – ShortlyAI is your ticket to effortless writing.

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