BFF Turns One This Week

This week, we celebrate BFF’s first birthday. 🎉 Wow, it’s been a year!

Since our inaugural launch event with tens of thousands in attendance, we’ve grown so much as founders, as a team and as a community. Together, we’ve braved a turbulent market, all the while remaining curious, optimistic and committed to learning about the opportunities in Web3.

We created BFF with the goal of ensuring women and historically marginalized groups are equipped to participate in and reap the benefits of this next phase of the internet. We’re proud to report that, through our two NFT collections — Friendship Bracelets and You PFPs — we’ve amassed an incredible community of holders who have come together in support of this pursuit. We’ve seen friendships blossom, careers thrive and opportunities unlock for our holders as a result.

We launched the beloved BFF Perk Shop, where we continuously surprise holders with opportunities for earning physical goods and experiences, allowlist access to other communities and more. We’re securing some exciting new brand partnerships that will enable us to keep providing more perks on an even larger scale. Stay tuned for more announcements here — particularly fashion lovers, beauty aficionados and those ready to uplevel their wallet security skills. 😉

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Possibly the most fun way to onboard new BFFs in our first year was through IRL events. Along with the Bring Your BFF to Web3 party in Miami, we joined partners for hundreds of events at Web3 conferences worldwide. We saw firsthand how quality time together can strengthen community ties and enhance the learning experience. This year, we will continue our “Bring Your BFF to Web3” roadshow and pop up in cities across the U.S. to help onboard new Web3 friends. (For those who cannot join us IRL, we plan on sharing the learnings and highlights from those events virtually.) In our Discord, we’ve been going deep into our community’s special interest areas and hosting workshops through a variety of BFF Clubs.

And while we’re committed to providing the greatest value to our NFT holders, we also understand the importance in supporting the broader community to deliver on our mission. We’ve exceeded our own expectations as they relate to the depth of free educational content we’ve put out into the world through regular programming like Twitter Spaces, articles published on BFF Discover, our newsletter GM, BFF, our Belonging and Mattering Council and more.  

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So, what’s ahead?

While the market conditions, both in the macroeconomy and within Web3, have changed dramatically over the last year, we remain bullish about fundamental Web3 technologies and their potential for impacting businesses, consumers and communities. We are also bullish on exploring our role in this tech evolution, asking ourselves how we can build in ways that benefit the world.

We’ve also been conducting surveys and holding intimate conversations with the BFF community about your broader interests and goals around education and money-earning potential. Through these discussions we’ve made some considerable discoveries, like 38% of you describe yourselves as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial and 85% are interested in learning how to make money in novel ways extending beyond Web3. It’s important that the path forward for BFF be meaningful and most aligned with the needs of our community, and data like this helps inform our roadmap forward.

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While it may appear “business as usual” from the outside looking in, behind the scenes at BFF we are hard at work prototyping business models and technologies to support a more comprehensive vision for attracting new members and incentivizing the loyal holders who are part of our community today. We can’t wait to share more on what this looks like soon.

Until then, we invite you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas with us, to participate in our digital and IRL events and perks and to remain an instrumental part of our mission of helping women and non-binary people become more informed, connected and financially rewarded than ever before. In that spirit, please join the BFF team and community members for a BFF Birthday Party on Twitter Spaces. Put it on your calendar!

Thank you for an incredible first year—here’s to year two and beyond! 🚀

Your BFFs,

Jaime & Brit

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