Entering Web3 As A Social Media Pioneer With Shira Lazar

Shira Lazar is a Founding BFF. The Founding BFFs are comprised of more than 100 female and non-binary leaders across crypto, tech, design, business, and more. Just like our community, some are new to crypto, and others are full-on experts.

Who: Shira Lazar, Founder of What's Trending + Co-Founder of Peace Inside Live

Web2 Shira: Shira’s media career began in 2004. She quickly pioneered being a social media influencer with just a Nokia phone and an idea to start taking videos. She is the Founder and CEO of the Emmy-nominated digital media brand What's Trending and has reported on social media, digital trends and culture for networks like Cheddar, Bloomberg TV and CNN, digital shows and livestreams, and awards shows and red carpet premieres.

Web3 Shira: As a broadcaster, Shira uses her platform to create content and education around Web3, bridging the gap between the industry, creators and consumers. She hosts weekly Twitter Spaces called #AlphaMondays and Women in Web3 Weekly, as well as the Inside Web3 radio show and podcast. Shira is an advocate for mindfulness and joyful living, which led her to also start Peace Inside Live as a wellness community and platform to bring well-being into Web3.

Her TLDR: “Don't get lost in the idea that you’re not technical enough. This space is not just about tech; it is about culture, community and it intersects with any industry.”

Edited excerpts: 

How are you taking your early experience with the growing social media industry and translating it into being a pioneer in the Web3 space?

It's about the idea of being constantly curious, leaning into your strengths, finding the gaps and then figuring out solutions. That's exactly how I started in the creator space 15 years ago. Similarly, as I saw people coming together in Web3, I thought, “How do I add value doing what I love and use today's platforms to share that message and bring people together?” People want to be seen and heard, and as more people are finding out about Web3, they need people to educate them in a fun and accessible way. I did that in Web2 and now I'm doing that in Web3. 

What possibilities are there for social media influencers to monetize the communities they've built and content they create? 

NFTs are a game changer for direct, consistent revenue from your community. DAOs are also an interesting way to bring people together to invest in creative projects. From a creator and community perspective, we are still figuring out how to use the blockchain as it relates to content and getting revenue or tokenization elements from views, engagement, shares, etc. 

For example, right now, I'm still creating a lot on social media platforms and that could lead to more consulting, speaking and brand deals, but how do I get rewarded for that effort in a more passive way? While there's monetization on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, the amount of views you need to make it a revenue stream doesn't add up and it's not sustainable.

What are you most passionate and curious about in Web3?

The creative energy, community, enthusiasm, and care to connect, innovate and disrupt. I'm also excited that we can find people with similar interests and values, and there's a focus on co-creation and collaboration. Social impact and equity is also a through line for the work I do, and Web3 is a space that is a blank canvas to make all those things happen. 

What would your advice be for someone trying to figure out where they can add value to Web3? 

Get a journal out and write the things you care about in one column, what you're good at in a second column, and what your values are in a third column. That should start to inform you as to what types of verticals, companies, and people you should be working with. 

Don't get lost in the idea that you’re not technical enough. This space is not just about tech; it is about culture, community, and it intersects with any industry. 

What else should people who want to enter the space be doing or learning?

First off, inner work is key to really understand what you want to focus on in Web3, and life in general. Really understand where your passion lies and don't wait for the perfect opportunity to do it. Learn as you are creating and don't wait for someone to give you the permission to do the things you love and feel aligned with. 

Whatever you are creating, the first version of it is going to be so different than the version of it after you've practiced and iterated it countless times. There's never a better time to begin than now to start that process. 

Do you think the Web3 community fosters that space for people to figure themselves out and be authentically true to who they are or want to be?

I do think this space celebrates authenticity and eccentricity, but I also think Web3 is a mirror for other things that are going on in society right now. We need to be aware of that, and continue to create safe spaces so people can be themselves and valued for their time and talent. 

Do you see IRL events as part of that environment, despite Web3 being seemingly virtual?

Yes definitely! We can do a lot in the virtual space, but taking those relationships offline definitely deepens and solidifies the connections. There's also a serendipity to meeting people offline that I love.

I also think IRL events are crucial to building community and "utility" with your project. 

Carly Long is VP of Web3 Strategy at Weld Recruiting and Host of the Women In Web3 podcast. Check out her latest episode with BFF Co-Founder Jaime Schmidt here.

This article and all the information in it does not constitute financial advice. If you don’t want to invest money or time in Web3, you don’t have to. As always: Do your own research.

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