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Two billion USD. That’s how much creators received in secondary sale royalties from non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces over the last two years. According to a16z’s State of Crypto report, which aims to assess the durability of blockchain technology, Web3 is outshining creator tools of days past — despite the volatility.

We know crypto is firmly in its winter era, but the long-term implications of NFTs for creators are impossible to ignore. When compared to Web2 creator platforms — well, there’s almost no comparison, actually. 

As stated in the report, Meta earmarked only $1 billion for creators in 2022. Given the sheer volume of Meta platform users — some 3.74 billion monthly users are on Instagram and WhatsApp — it’s remarkable that Web3 generated billions in royalties with such a small user base still in the tens of millions.

Which makes us wonder … what will happen once 3 billion users adopt NFTs?

Are you curious, too? Read the 2023 State Of Crypto Report and get a16z’s full industry snapshot.

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