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“Web3 can be dubbed the new land of opportunity,” writes BFF contributor Janey Park

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, it’s important to recognize the exceptional builders who are capitalizing on this opportunity to influence the digital landscape in beneficial ways. Earlier in the month, we hosted a Twitter Space in which Park and Goldfinch head of community, Po On Yeung, spoke of their experiences championing AAPI voices in Web3. 

“Web 3 is a landscape where it's really about community,” said Park, who is Korean-American and has lived in Hong Kong, China, Macau and South Korea collectively for over 10 years. She noted that Web3’s collective-first philosophy aligns with her experience of most Asian cultures, particularly when contrasted with what she described as more individualistic cultural values of Westernized countries. 

“A general perspective is that Western culture is a lot more individualistic, whereas Asian culture is a lot more collective,” she said. “There's an Asian proverb that says that all nails should be the same height. If one is taller than the other, then it will be nailed down.” 

However, Park has learned the art of self-promotion while still balancing her belief in the value of collectivism. “I really do believe that everyone has a voice,” she said. “They have something valuable that we can all learn from.” 

As she rises in Web3, Park believes in lifting others: “If I have a come up, I'm taking everyone with me who I know are good people … and we’re going along for the ride together.”

This month, we celebrate AAPI builders, artists and professionals creating lasting value in Web3. Ahead, click the link to read Park's non-exhaustive list of AAPI powerhouses you definitely need to know.  

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