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Dealing with theft is never fun, but interdisciplinary artist and BFF holder Jessica Kantor wants to speak out about the incident that drained her BFF Friendship Bracelet from her MetaMask wallet in the hopes of saving fellow community members from the same fate.

Kantor made her first MetaMask wallet after watching the Mint Your BFF NFT video in February 2022. Kantor then minted a BFF Friendship Bracelet and a You PFP  — a pigtailed brunette with pink eyeshadow and yellow and black checkered top.

For several months, Kantor enjoyed adding new charms to her Friendship Bracelet. However, in October 2022, she noticed her bracelet was missing: “The theft happened without my knowledge while I slept,” Kantor writes. “I’m still trying to track down the culprits and not entirely sure how they got access to my wallet.”

Thanks to blockchain, the record is public data. We know exactly when the theft occurred. However, we don’t know the identity of the person behind the wallet to which the bracelet was transferred. “This was a wake-up call for me about security practices,” Kantor writes, urging anyone in possession of beloved NFTs to transfer them immediately to a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor

Fortunately, Kantor purchased a replacement Friendship Bracelet on OpenSea’s secondary market. She also learned two important takeaways from the unfortunate event:

  1. Know the difference between cold wallets and hot wallets: Once Kantor realized the difference between cold and hot wallets, she invested $100 in gas fees to move all her NFTs to a cold desktop wallet she doesn’t plan to connect to any site.  “Cold wallets operate in offline environments, and hot wallets connect to the internet,” Kantor explains in her blog post about the incident.
  1. Invest in a hardware wallet: Kantor also ordered a Ledger hardware wallet (a crypto wallet that exists entirely offline and off-desktop). She moved her NFTs to it as soon as the device arrived at her house.
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