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It’s Women’s History  Month! While at BFF we are always spotlighting the incredible work women and non-binary people are doing across web3, there may be no more important place to turn our focus to this month than the world of generative art.

As BFF Contributor Nicole Kyle tells us this week, generative art is a genre of digital art that can be powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Interest in the genre is growing; Refik Anadol’s “Unscripted” currently exhibiting at MoMa is an example of mainstream buzz. 

With the current excitement around artificial intelligence and debate around art generated by code, it is important that all gender identities are represented in this burgeoning sector. And from visual art to poetry to multimedia art and more, we found the female and non-binary artists you need to be following in the space. 

Take Itzel Yard, known as Ix Shells, for example. Yard writes code to determine characteristics like color, shape or texture, then allows the algorithm to create images independently, including abstraction, fractal geometry, and portraiture. Yard is fascinated by the social possibilities of public space, like with her piece Casco Viejo (2021). Sparking public dialogue is important to Yard who aims to provide counterpoints to a predominantly white and male crypto & web3 space. 

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Catch Up Quick

Regulators, not crypto. Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood says U.S. regulators are using crypto as an excuse for their own missteps with overseeing the country’s banking system. Attacking crypto will not solve the problem at the source, she said. 

Meta quits on digital collectibles. This is somewhat old news at this point, but important for us to note that Instagram will no longer be supporting its digital collectible feature. The decision comes amid a series of widespread layoffs at Meta as the tech giant says it needs to focus on fewer things. 

HerVoice NFTs. Melissa Jun Rowley, founder and CEO of social impact marketing collective and production company Warrior Love Productions, created an NFT collection focusing on the women working in Web3 around the world. The collection consists of 3,905 NFTs, representing the 3.905 billion women in the world and is available on the SOLIS market.

Nike NFTs! Nike is launching its first Nike Air Force 1 sneakers tied to NFTs. Each physical pair of sneakers comes with a digital pair. Only NFT holders will be able to redeem the physical pair from April 24 to May 8.

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✨ BFF Updates

👗🎉  BFF Metaverse Fashion Week Show! March 28 at 4pm ET, a variety of designers will be showcasing their creations on the runway in BFF World. Join us to claim your free wearables, plus enter for a chance to win exclusive physical pieces. Check it out here.

Bring Your BFF to Web3. We had our second stop in our roadshow aimed to widen the net for female and non-binary participation in web3 at SXSW in Austin, Texas. In collaboration with MoonPay, we hosted an intimate dinner for 60 guests at Canje restaurant. Attendees included select VIP partners, as well as YOU and Bracelet NFT holders and their +1’s. “The energy that filled the room was a true testament to the strong bonds and passion that unite the BFF community,” said BFF Co-Founder Jaimie Schmidt. “As we look to the future, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to come together for meaningful connection and shared learning.”

From Our Founding BFFs

Introducing HW3. House of Web3 (HW3), run by Francine Ballard, is the first retail platform fractionally owned by its community of artists, innovators and creators. They offer custom collaborations that combine digital assets and collectibles with physical art, jewelry and apparel. Membership passes (valued at .1 eth) are free to mint for BFF holders through March 31. And (5) winners of the giveaway will receive baseball caps with connected AR filter. You can enter the drawing on March 31 at 6pm ET here.

Cathy Hackl’s new project VerseLuxe shakes up the luxury jewelry game for Web3. The project aims to connect high-end jewels with near-field communication (NFC) chips.

Sandy Carter of Unstoppable rolls out .polygon domains, which can be used across decentralized applications on the Ethereum sidechain.

Randi Zuckerberg shares why now is the time for women to pursue a digital career. She is partnering with DeVry University to make that happen. 

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