GM, BFF: What do the NFT turf wars mean for the future of Web3?

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not supposed to be about price speculation, said Marvel writer and Web3 author B. Earl in last week’s Twitter Space on Web3 Publishing. Rather, the culture of NFTs is about “mutual appreciation” — an artist and collector understanding one another through shared meaning.

But as we’re seeing amid this month’s turf wars between NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Blur, which surpassed the incumbent in trading volume last week, market influences and price speculation drive NFT culture as much as the art. In a February 15 blog post, Blur told users to ban OpenSea, while OpenSea has been experimenting with marketplace blacklisting since November 2022 when it rolled out a new system allowing creators to block trading on select marketplaces that didn’t honor their royalty preferences. 

Critics argue that OpenSea is using the rhetoric of “protecting creators” to conveniently suppress competition. Meanwhile, Blur appears to be turbo-charging the culture of price speculation, with its data-heavy interface displaying metrics  like rarity, bid history, floor price, trading volume and supply — with a tiny icon of the artwork itself.

Unfortunately, it’s artists who get caught in the crossfire when NFT marketplaces go head-to-head. And not to layer on more bad news, but we saw another rug pull this week — or did we? 

On February 21, the team behind the fRiENDSiES collection posted an announcement that the project, which raised more than $5 million in a Dutch auction last year, would be put on pause. Forty minutes later, the fRiENDSiEs Twitter account was deleted. It’s since been reinstated — but the fiasco shook community members. Is this what NFT culture has amounted to? 

To risk sounding cliché, it is, dear BFFs, too early to tell. What we can say is this: We are the ones who will determine what the culture of Web3 will be. We’re building it right now. With every DM, word of encouragement and critical question, we determine what behaviors and norms will persist or fade away.

It’s also worth recognizing that speculation exists in the fine art world, too, as we’ve heard from a few different panelists during our Twitter Spaces over the past few months. Each of the artists in our Space on the intersection of traditional art and Web3 acknowledged the importance of collector and investor relations as an artist, and Ana María Caballero last week said “just the fact that people are willing to invest in you as an author … and perhaps won’t read [your work] … I don’t see that it’s a problem.”

B. Earl, who writes comics and is minting his first book on the blockchain on March 1, compared the culture of NFT collectors with that of rare comic book collectors, noting the similarities: “At the end of the day it really boils down to the concept of fandom,” he said. 

But even if all motives for collecting and trading NFTs are valid — from speculation to true fandom — what makes every creator uncomfortable is the fact that marketplaces may end up being the ones holding the power to decide how artists get paid and where their art is available. And that logic, many argue, runs counter to why most artists were attracted to Web3 in the first place.

So what do you think, BFFs? What drives you to create, collect and trade NFTs? Do you do it to support your favorite artists, make lucrative profits or have receipts that you were an early adopter of Web3? Is there one “valid” reason for entering the NFT space?

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