How This Beauty Brand Is Embracing Co-Ownership

The beauty industry is grappling with significant challenges that limit consumer control over their own experiences. Large retailers, with their dominant market position, dictate trends and determine product offerings without adequately considering the diverse preferences of their customers. As a result, there is a disconnect between the industry and the individuals it should be serving.

The space also faces another obstacle: an outdated Web2 model that governs its interactions with consumers. This traditional approach relies on impersonal methods, such as ticking a demographics box or receiving an email, which fail to create meaningful engagement or tap into the full potential of customer input. The existing system lacks the dynamism and interactivity necessary to foster a strong connection between beauty brands and their customers.

Jana Bobosikova, founder of the membership-based beauty brand KIKI, envisions a future where customers can immerse themselves in expressive experiences both online and offline. Bobosikova's passion lies in bridging the gap between theoretical ideas and real-world businesses that genuinely serve people. She understands the importance of grounding her approach in customer needs which is driven by her career in the beauty industry after moving to America from the Czech Republic. 

By seamlessly integrating physical and digital products, Bobosikova seeks to redefine the beauty landscape and break new ground. KIKI's innovative approach involves tokenizing physical objects, enabling customers to personalize product attributes, and actively rewarding customer participation through blockchain technology. 

A customer-driven beauty revolution

At the core of KIKI World's philosophy is the belief in giving customers control over their data. Bobosikova emphasizes the importance of building an ecosystem that values customer input and rewards their engagement. 

Every product in the KIKI lineup is intended to be co-owned by users through voting on attributes, ensuring that customers have a direct say in the products they consume. Upcoming customer-voted products may include nail graffiti and discusses the potential for expanding the range to include face/body paint, one-day hair color, moisturizers, and cleansers. Customers can earn rewards through voting and receive collectibles tied to their choices, creating a unique and engaging experience.

"We want to build an ecosystem that rewards people and builds a better business," said Bobosikova. "Rather than telling people what to buy, you tell us what to create. Let's do it together."

In addition, Bobosikova understands the importance of actively involving customers in shaping product attributes and experiences. This approach has resulted in the creation of exclusive limited edition items, such as the highly sought-after Fluffy line, which captures the collective imagination of consumers.

“It's a more efficient way of navigating in the industry. People decide what they want us to make by voting,” she explained.

To thrive in the highly competitive beauty market, Bobosikova also emphasizes collaboration with celebrities and brands in a co-owned, community-driven manner. By combining forces with influential figures and industry partners, KIKI not only expands its reach but also fosters an enchanting experience for customers. The brand strives to captivate consumers with unique offerings like peelable nail polish without unpleasant smells, catering to their desires for innovative and enjoyable beauty experiences.

Scaling with user-friendly tech: a balancing act

While focusing on implementing an on-chain system for customer product selection, Bobosikova is acutely aware of the need to balance scalability and user-friendliness. They recognize that technological implementation must prioritize accessibility and seamless integration to ensure a positive user experience. Bobosikova's visionary perspective redefines blockchain technology as an agile and efficient database that enhances businesses without cumbersome complexities. The selection of appropriate tools and ensuring blockchain accessibility for all are key tenets of KIKI's philosophy. 

Through their membership platform, Bobosikova envisions an enhanced customer experience that promotes sustainability and grants customers true ownership of their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and data. This consumer-focused approach aligns strongly with the transparency and privacy aspects of Web3, setting KIKI apart from conventional Web2 platforms like Amazon.

Beauty and beyond

Beyond the beauty industry, Bobosikova believes that KIKI's innovative thinking extends into various sectors. The team sees blockchain technology as a game-changer that can revolutionize business models and reward brand advocates across industries. By creating composable internet ecosystems, Bobosikova envisions a future that empowers both creators and consumers.

By providing an expressive and personalized beauty journey, KIKI stands out as a consumer-focused pioneer in an industry craving innovation. As Bobosikova bridges the gap between white papers and real-world businesses, she contributes to building a better, customer-centric beauty industry that addresses the diverse needs of consumers. With an eye toward the future, KIKI is set to leave an indelible mark on the beauty industry and beyond.

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