Leading The Discussion: A Web3 Community Builder Speaks At European Blockchain Convention

This is Meet A BFF, the series where we ask loyal BFF holders across our BFF Bracelet and You collections to share what a day in their life — or multiple days — looks like as a Web3 enthusiast with interests and expertise outside of cryptoland as well. Have an idea of someone we should profile next? Email us at hello@mybff.com.

Name: Sabrina Bonini

Age: Almost 37

Location: Sunny Barcelona, Spain

Web2 Sabrina: Producer, project manager and writer on creative projects. Samba dancer. Piano learner. Cat mum. Wife.

Web3 Sabrina: Founder of Cripto es Cultura, a community and agency helping brands, companies and creators navigate the Web3 space. Contributor at BFF. Speaker and moderator at conferences and events. Creator’s economy advocate. Hispanic women in Web3 empoweree. 

First became crypto curious: September 2020

First became a BFF: January 2022

First bought cryptocurrency: Ethereum

First NFT bought: Stoner Cats

Number of NFTs owned: 96

Number of BFF Yous owned: 2

Number of Discord servers I am in: 22 

7:30 am

I open my eyes. My fluffy cat is laying on top of my chest, licking my face as is her GM ritual. I’m not an early morning person, so I hug her and try to sleep a little bit more. The licking doesn’t stop. I’m also excited because I’m moderating a panel at a very important industry convention today, which doesn’t help me get back to sleep. 

Sabrina’s fluffy cat, Lluna

8:05 am

I like to take my mornings easy and slow. It gives me more energy and focus during the rest of the day. I do my morning stretches and meditate for 15 min. My cat curls on my lap while I meditate. I make some toast, a green tea and grab my bullet journal. This journal is a great tool to organize my agenda and what’s important for the day and month ahead. After updating it, I turn on my phone, quickly check any messages, social media notifications and a quick peek at the emails. 

8:45 am

My panel is happening in the afternoon after lunch, so I have time to do some work from home. Phone is now in silent mode to let me concentrate. I reply to some emails. A potential client wants to schedule a call. Exciting! The International Women of Blockchain conference planner asks me to send my bio and photo. I’ll be speaking at this year’s in-person event in Washington DC later this month. It will be my first time in the US. Also exciting!  

9:15 am

Emails sorted. Time to do some work. I have to finish my business plan by the end of next week. I’m participating in a program for female entrepreneurs which is giving me the tools and skills to validate my business idea so that I can initiate my activity with confidence and more chances to succeed. The best part is all that I’ve learned at the program from the other female entrepreneurs. We’re a strong group and love to share this journey together. 

10:05 am

I’m a little stuck with something, so I grab my phone and throw a couple of questions on the WhatsApp group I have with the program entrepreneurs. While I wait for their insights, I work a little on my new website. It starts to look and feel just like I imagined it. 

10:26 am

I check the phone. Some of the other entrepreneurs are also stuck on the same spot as me, so we decide to schedule a call to work on it together. Having this support group of amazing women who are going through the same journey as me is so helpful and enriching. I love it so much that I actually lead another Telegram group of women working in Web3 in Barcelona which gives us all great support, but also great collaborations and friendship. They are writing to me just now to ask me about the time of my panel today and to meet up at the venue. “4.10pm – Visionary Stage. Coming right before lunch!” I reply.

11.03 am

I haven’t been able to go to the gym much this week (my back is killing me already!). Since I have some time before the convention, I decide to go for a stroll to my favorite spot. I live near Montjuic, a very lovely and green hill in the city that has beautiful views and great walks. I try to do one of these walks a week. It’s a great stress reliever. I put on my headphones, pump up my Argentinean funky music and start walking uphill. 

City views from Montjuic, Barcelona

12:09 pm

Back home, I take a shower and pick out my outfit. I realize I don’t have much. I need to go shopping, which I don’t particularly like. I add that task to my bullet journal and eat some fruit. I’m starving after that walk! There’s gonna be lunch for the speakers at the event, so it’s just a little nibbling to charge energies. 

1:10 pm

I arrive at the European Blockchain Convention, where I’ll be moderating a panel about data ownership later this afternoon. It’s the closing day and it’s already packed. Before I can write to my friends to check where they are, I see a couple of them at the other side of the room. I walk towards them, but another acquaintance stops me. And someone else joins the conversation short after. This is the conference life!

2:00 pm  

Lunch is served for the speakers, moderators and VIP pass holders. But the networking doesn’t stop. I had scheduled a quick meeting at lunch to introduce an acquaintance to a friend of mine. They can potentially have great synergies and my friend asked me for that introduction, so I was happy to do so in the only slot that we all had available. We eat and talk and laugh and complain about how tired we are from so much networking. These events are great, but they can suck all your energy!

Delicious dessert at European Blockchain Convention

3:06 pm 

Lunch was delicious, especially the desserts! Now I need some quiet time to prepare before my panel. I grab a cup of tea and try to find a quiet spot. It’s a relatively small venue and it’s packed, so I cannot find one. I sit at a corner away from most of the noise. This shall do. 

3:25 pm

Another friend sees me and comes sit with me. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She tells me the progress of her company. It’s going really well, which makes me really happy. It’s great to see fellow female entrepreneurs succeeding in Web3. 

3:45 pm 

My panel is starting in 30 min. I go to the room to get prepared with the mic and meet my panelists. We’ve only met on a video call and haven’t been able to meet during the event. 

4:05 pm 

We’re five minutes away from our panel and one of the two panelists is missing. Seems like it’s only going to be me and the other speaker. I get a bit nervous because I hadn’t prepared for something like this. Will my questions be enough to fill the time with one speaker? I guess we’ll have to improvise. We get the signal to come up on stage. As I walk towards it, I see the missing panelist coming up from the other side of the room. She had been there all this time. I feel relieved and we laugh about it. 

Sabrina moderating a panel at European Blockchain Convention

4:10 pm

Our panel “Your Data, Your Income” starts. After introducing ourselves, I launch my first question: “Do you think mainstream consumers really care about owning their data?” The two speakers start answering and engage in a long but very interesting conversation on the topic. This lasts for most of our panel time. Since they were sort of answering most of my other questions, I let them proceed until we had five minutes left. I then asked a final question: “How can people monetize their own data thanks to Web3?"


4:35 pm

I'm relieved and delighted for completing a fun and interesting quick panel. The audience seemed to enjoy it. My friends come my way to congratulate me and some other people from the audience too. One of them wants to have me as a speaker at another conference in Mexico later this year. We exchange contact details. She’s gonna call me next week to discuss. Looks like I’ll be traveling to conferences a lot this year!

5:00 pm 

Finally, some time to chat with my fellow women in Web3. There are still a couple more panels to watch, but I’m so tired that I just wanna hang out with them. We’ve all had a great conference, done a lot of networking, learned from the panels and connected with very interesting people building in the space. There are a few side events later tonight. Not sure I have the energy for that. I think I’m having some Champagne at the closing party here and going home.

From left to right: Casandra Vicente, Sabrina Bonini, Violeta M. Valcheva, Eulalia Llobet, Corina and Silvia Mogas

7:00 pm 

I open my flat’s door, and guess who’s waiting for me rolling on the floor like a croquette? My loving cat. I grab her in my arms and go kiss my husband who is laying on the sofa. We chat about our day. We’re both happy but knackered. It’s early dinner and Netflix for us tonight. We order some sushi and Japanese beer. The new season of “Drive to Survive” is available. We’re both big F1 fans. We start watching it while we wait for dinner to arrive. 

9:50 pm

We’re binge-watching the series, now from bed. Our cat joins us. She’s lying between us now. I’ll be falling asleep soon. Tomorrow is Saturday and the weather is looking good. We might go for a run near the beach. It was a great day. Feeling blessed and accomplished!

Sabrina Bonini is the Founder of Cripto Es Cultura, a community and creative agency that helps brands and creators adapt to the Web3 and NFT space. She pays special attention to the education and empowerment of Spanish-speaking artists, women and underrepresented groups and is fully committed to helping make the blockchain ecosystem more diverse and inclusive. Connect with her on Twitter @criptoescultura

This is not financial advice. If you don't want to spend money investing in crypto or Web3 — you don’t have to. The intent of this article is to help others educate themselves and learn.

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