Meet The BFF Bringing 'Good Juu Juu' To All Things Web3 

This is Meet A BFF, the series where we ask loyal BFF holders across our BFF Bracelet and You collections to share what a day in their life — or multiple days — looks like as a Web3 enthusiast with interests and expertise outside of cryptoland as well. Have an idea of someone we should profile next? Email us at

Name: Sierra Nawabi

Twitter: @juujuumama

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Web2 Sierra: productivity-driven

Web3 Sierra: passion-driven

First became crypto curious: 2021

First became a BFF: May 9, 2022

First bought cryptocurrency: 2021

First NFT bought: Encryptas

Number of NFTs owned: 250+

Number of BFF owned: 2

Number of Discord servers I am in: 25

With a background in Public Administration and Political Science, Sierra Nawabi began her career in the wellness industry when she took a job as a product developer for a cosmetics company in upstate New York. After working as a product development manager across cosmetics and other consumer packaged goods (CPG) products, Nawabi entered the cannabis industry and began developing infused products, which she still does today alongside her own business, Good Juu Juu.

Good Juu Juu is an ecommerce business that specializes in wellness, mindfulness and healing through crystals. The company sells over 150 unique crystals online through its Shopify-powered website and in person at pop-up events. Good Juu Juu is committed to sharing educational information about crystals and self-care through a robust self-care blog and a podcast called Mindful Business, which describes how to use crystals, mindfulness techniques and yoga practice.

In 2021, Good Juu Juu began accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method and released a set of digital collectibles that allow its customers to access token-gated shopping experiences (including membership benefits such as limited edition drops, lifetime discounts and educational resources). 

Ahead, Nawabi takes us through a day in her life (as told to BFF contributor Isabel Doonan).


I start my day at 7am. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but one of the first things I do when I wake up is look at my phone (like most people). I then brush my teeth, do all the traditional morning things, and then I enjoy retreating back into bed for an hour playing with Midjourney. After discovering text-to-image artifical intelligence (AI) about a month ago, I’ve loved starting my day generating creative images as soon as I wake up. I have all these ideas and thoughts racing through my brain, and I like to see what results of it.


I go downstairs, let my dog out and I make myself some tea and breakfast. I'm a big believer in breakfast, even if it's just a granola bar or a banana. Once I'm sorted, I head upstairs to my home office, while my husband retreats downstairs to his. In my office, is where all of my good Juu Juu inventory lives, so I enjoy spending all day next to my beautiful crystals. They inspire me and bring me joy. I have a huge token frame in my office where I display my NFT's. I turn it on, select my NFT background for the day and then open my computer. 

Image: Nawabi's home office space, featuring crystals and plants


For Good Juu Juu, I wear a lot of hats. I can spend an entire day making social media graphics and scheduling content. In between, I’m fulfilling orders. Today, I gather all of the orders and package them in my office like a little crystal Gremlin. 

Image: 'This is fine' meme — an example of content made for Good Juu Juu's socials


Then my video editor sends me videos and I spend time uploading them to YouTube, generating cover images, and sending out some email marketing all for Good Juu Juu. And of course, in between all of these tasks I'm sending tweets as someone who is super active on Twitter.


By now, hunger has once again taken over and I head downstairs. I have a daily ritual of making a smoothie. Today’s smoothie variation consists of kale, banana, blueberry and coconut water. I've been doing this for years. I take my daily vitamins, give my precious goldendoodle a walk, and feed him. At this point, back upstairs I go for another block of work. 


Since I recently got certified as a yoga instructor, it’s time to build a yoga sequence for a class I’m leading. In addition to Good Juu Juu and my work as a yoga teacher, I maintain a full time job as Director of Innovation for a California-based cannabis company. Given the California hours, I start my day later. Today, I have a few calls, plenty of emails to catch up on, and by the time I’m done sifting through everything, I’m hungry again. 


I head back downstairs for a light meal and water, so that I don’t get lightheaded during my afternoon hot yoga class, which is a practice I follow pretty much daily. 


Time to get my flow on. 

Image: Nawabi and her dog getting ready for yoga


After a sweaty class, I hop in the shower and then begin preparing dinner. While my husband and I eat out three times per week, tonight I’m cooking. I'm a crock pot queen, and tonight is no exception. After working in separate rooms in the same house all day, my husband and I converge and come together at the dinner table to chat about our days. Obviously, we see each other in passing throughout the day, but we try to respect each other's autonomy and avoid distraction.

Image: Nawabi in the hot yoga studio


Since it’s podcast night, I shift back upstairs to my office and ready myself to record. While some nights we have guests, tonight it's just me and my co-host, founder of Elev8, Abby Webster. I spend a few minutes gathering my thoughts and take a few deep breaths before recording. 


After the pod, I either go downstairs and watch TV for an hour with my husband, or read a book to unwind. Faithfully, I get in bed by nine o'clock every night. Rest is so important. 

Isabel Doonan is the CEO and cofounder of Girls Gotta Eth and Sacreage, a Web3 startup working to expand tooling for crypto philanthropy. With a background in Fintech and ESG, she is deeply passionate about the intersection of blockchain and climate funding, as she works to build a better, more equitable future in which everyone can participate in philanthropy.

This article and all the information in it does not constitute financial advice. If you don’t want to invest money or time in Web3, you don’t have to. As always: Do your own research.

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