These YouTube Creators Are Helping Onboard Thousands To Web3

Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is the next iteration of the internet. It promises to bring more transparency, privacy, automation and accessibility to everyone. As more people come to adopt blockchain and decentralization in their lives, many content creators are turning to YouTube to share their insights.

This article highlights the top creators who are at the forefront of YouTube Web3 content creation. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these creators offer unique perspectives empowering the next generation of Web3 users, developers and entrepreneurs.  Read on and consider checking out who we think are some of the best in education, onboarding, marketing, law, thought leadership, gaming — and more.


Alchemy - 12.9K subscribers

Alchemy University: A free online platform for developers to learn and thrive in Web3! Join the leading blockchain developer community and sharpen your coding skills with various tutorials on the blockchain, smart contracts, and Web3 programming. With a beginner-friendly approach and technical educational content, you'll learn how to build and interact in the decentralized world. So get ready to code your first smart contract, build an NFT gallery, and become a coder/ creator in the Web3 space! With experienced developers giving tutorials and a lively, supportive community, you'll find everything you need to succeed at Alchemy University! 

Watch the Alchemy Manifesto here! Learn more about the Alchemy Platform here!

ZenAcademy - 8.08K subscribers

Zeneca's YouTube channel is a valuable resource for individuals interested in the latest trends, tips, and strategies for the Web3 era. The channel provides cutting-edge insights and strategies on topics such as NFT projects, gaming, metaverse, Web3 education, utilization of blockchain, digital ownership, and more. In addition, the channel offers mentorship sessions and expert advice on creating value and security in the Web3 landscape. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in Web3, Zeneca's YouTube channel is a must-watch for anyone interested in the latest trends and strategies for success.

Watch this intro to ZenAcademy here!  |  Learn more about the Alchemy Platform here!


Randi Zuckerberg - 18.3K subscribers

Randi Zuckerberg is a tech maven and co-founder of HUGs. Get on board into the exciting Web3 world of business, investing, crypto, and NFTs with her engaging and informative video series. Randi's content is tailored for women and covers many topics, from the basics of blockchain to the Web3 community. Randi's channel engages and educates viewers in a fun, easily understandable and approachable manner. 

Watch this Welcome by RandiZ here!  |  Learn more about Randi & her projects here!

Web3 Equity - 63 subscribers

A mission-driven platform for women in Web3! Discover trusted sources of high-quality, bite-sized educational content on Web3. From critical terms to evaluations of projects, Web3 Equity is your one-stop shop for decentralized things. With a focus on women building in the space, you'll get the inside scoop on who's making waves and making an impact. And, for those short on time, quick pro-tips from experts in the field will keep you up-to-date.

Visit the Web3 Equity Channel here!  |  Learn more about What is Web3 Equity here!

Metaverse content

Based AF - 1.64K subscribers 

Get ready to be entertained by Robin Schmidt, Aka Supermassive, YouTube content creator, Based AF! Join the lively and entertaining metaverse content studio as they bring the decentralized world to life through live-action and storytelling. With a unique perspective and an irreverent sense of humor, Based AF has fun showing us adventures in the metaverse. Their content is always fresh, informative, and fun, hyping us all for a wild ride through the metaverse and virtual worlds of Web3.

Watch this intro to Based_AF!  |  Learn more about Based_AF and their  projects here!

Business, career and marketing advice

Elif Hiz - 43.5K subscribers 

Elif Hiz, co-founder of Rugless and YouTube Content Creator with 43.5K subscribers! With a wealth of business, productivity, and Web3 marketing knowledge, Elif will guide you on how to thrive in your decentralized business and IRL world. Get insights and tips on how to grow your business and increase your productivity with her upbeat approach. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, Elif's content packs valuable information you won't find anywhere else.

Learn more about Elif Hiz and her insights here!

Web3 business and law

Jamilia Grier - 545 subscribers 

Meet Jamilia Grier, a fellow BFF member and YouTube Web3 content creator who's changing the game! With expertise in Web3 law, business, and life in Dubai, Grier breaks down high-level knowledge in a fun and accessible way. Whether discussing the latest legal developments in the decentralized world or sharing her experiences as a Black woman lawyer in Dubai, Jamila's content is always engaging and informative. From insights on navigating the complex world of Web3 to tips on how to hustle, Jamilia's got you covered.

Learn more about Jamila and her insights here!

For alpha

Lady of Crypto - 25.5K subscribers 

Ready to take your crypto game to the next level? Meet Lady of Crypto, your go-to source for all things decentralized. With a focus on describing and evaluating projects, teams, utility, scalability, security, and tokenomics, Lady of Crypto is the ultimate insider for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. From providing alpha insights to breaking down complex concepts, Lady of Crypto is always on the cutting edge. Just remember, her content is not financial advice - it's essential to always do your research! 

Learn more about LoC and her insights here!

Research and analysis

Messari - 11.4K subscribers 

Want to stay ahead of the curve in decentralized finance DeFi? Look no further than Messari, the premier source for research and analysis tools in the DeFi space. With a team of experts dedicated to uncovering the latest trends and insights in the world of DeFi, Messari is the go-to resource for anyone looking to make informed decisions. From market analysis to in-depth reports on the most promising projects, Messari provides a wealth of information for both seasoned veterans and DeFi newcomers. 

Learn more about Messari's insights here!

Thought leaders

A16z - 95.5K subscribers 

A16z is the ultimate destination for anyone exploring big ideas in technology. With a focus on crypto, innovation, and tech talking points, this YouTube channel is a must-watch for anyone interested in all things Web3.   From deep dive into the latest advancements in decentralized systems to thought-provoking discussions on the tech industry's future, the a16z channel is a one-stop shop.  

Learn more about a16z insights here!

Overpriced JPEGS - 3.55K subscribers

Join the whip-smart Carly Reily as she brings together a diverse mix of NFT & Metaverse thought leaders, entrepreneurs, degens, builders, and innovators to discuss the latest trends, ideas and technologies shaping our world. Each episode features engaging, high-energy conversations that are both entertaining and informative. The guests on the show are some of the most interesting and insightful people in their fields, and they share their wisdom, experiences, and perspectives in a way that's smart, engaging, and accessible. 

Learn more about OPJ insights here!

Web3 gaming

ImmutableX - 3.61k subscribers 

Ready to explore the exciting world of Web3 gaming? Then you need to check out the Immutable X YouTube channel! With a macro perspective on the gaming industry, this channel is building the Web3 gaming ecosystem and providing insights and knowledge for anyone looking to understand the space. In addition, Immutable X channel is an excellent resource for learning about the latest developments and trends in the Web3 gaming industry. 

Learn more about InnutableX here!

brycent - 42.8K subscribers

Ready to get your game on? Meet Brycent, a leading influencer in the Web3 gaming industry! With a focus on the latest and greatest in decentralized gaming, Brycent's content packs predictions, insights, and thought-provoking conversations. From exploring the newest games and trends in Web3 gaming to giving his take on the industry's future, Brycent is always on the cutting edge. So, if you're a gamer or love all things Web3, hit this channel up with Brycent's quest to change the game!

 Learn more about brycent, and become the impossible!

Web3 Wednesdays - 685 Subscribers

Tune in to hear from top gaming VCs, crypto legal experts, top-tier AAA game CEOs and more on Web3 Wednesdays. Join experts in gaming, investing, the metaverse, the crypto ecosystem, the digital economy, and regulations as they delve into the latest developments in the decentralized world. From discussions on the future of gaming to deep dives into the crypto ecosystem, Web3 Wednesdays provide a platform for thought-provoking conversations and cutting-edge insights. 

 Learn more about Web3 Wednesdays here!

Becoming a voice for Web3 among your community

If these creators inspire you, you may consider starting your own YouTube channel to educate and share learnings from your Web3 journey. Your unique and diverse perspectives are crucial in developing inclusive content for the Web3 community. By sharing your personal experience, expertise and insights you can increase awareness and adoption. 

Amanda Hyslop (aka MizzuzB) is a writer in Web3 exploring the intersections of culture, finance and technology. She is an avid NFT collector and advocate for women building on the blockchain.

This article and all the information in it does not constitute financial advice. If you don’t want to invest money or time in Web3, you don’t have to. As always: Do your own research.

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