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Gartner analysts recently predicted that by 2027, some 80% of the top 100 global consumer goods manufacturers will use at least one tokenized asset to drive more revenue and reach. As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) grow in popularity, brands and businesses are coming up with new ways to merge the digital with the physical, whether through loyalty programs, “phygital” goods or community-centered business models.

This week, BFF contributor Liya Dashinka spoke with Carly Reilly, host of the leading NFT podcast, Overpriced JPEGs, about how she used an NFT drop to build both her personal brand and media empire.

“I was very vocal about not wanting to launch an NFT,” Reilly told BFF. However, a conversation with Kit Codik, bevalc e-commerce veteran and founder of Liquid Collections changed her mind. While brainstorming a one-year anniversary gift for podcast listeners, Coda and Reilly launched a plan to drop an open NFT mint and reward holders with premium gin.

And thus the idea of Overpriced Gin was born. For those interested in applying some of Reilly’s learnings to their own digital-meets-physical NFT project, here is how the OPJ team broke down the collection’s utility.

Holders received:

These perks seem to align with why consumers want to become NFT holders of a particular project or community. According to Cointelegraph, three out of every four NFT collectors buy them for the status that they give. Meanwhile, just 13% buy NFTs to resell them in the future.

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